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Sonia began her work as a psychologist in NSW private psychiatric hospitals. Her patients included people suffering from depression and anxiety. Many of these were victims of childhood sexual, physical and emotional abuse and were experiencing adult post-traumatic stress as a result. Sonia ran psycho-education and psychotherapy groups as well as individual therapy. She also worked extensively with social anxiety, and agoraphobia. This sometimes involved visiting patients in their homes to help them face their fears. 

Later, Sonia ran group therapy programs to help Vietnam Veterans with post-traumatic stress as well as group programs and individual therapy for women with post natal depression. She has supervised intern psychologists for over 10 years in group and individual settings, worked as a general and careers counsellor in TAFE NSW for 12 years part-time, been in private practice for 10 years, and published many feature articles in magazines such as Wellbeing Australia and Nature and Health. Sonia is a Work Cover provider for individuals seeking treatment under a workers compensation claim.

Sonia Zadro Clinical Psychologists


  • 2008-2009 Master of Clinical Psychology Supplement(Independent Bridging Plan to complete the requirements for full College of Clinical Psychologists membership). 

  • 1997-1998 Masters of Psychology, Counselling and Family Therapy, University of Western Sydney. 
    1st Place, Distinction average. 

  • 1995 Master of Arts, Psychology, Sydney University.
    Credit/Distinction average. 

  • 1991-1994 Bachelor of Arts, Macquarie University
    Double major in Mass Communications and Psychology.

  • Full Member of the College of Clinical Psychologists.
    Full Member of the Australian Psychological Society.

  • Additional intensive specialist training has been undertaken in the areas of treating PTSD, Advanced Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, EMDR, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Somatic (Body) Psychotherapy.

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